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Retaining Your Top Software Engineers For The Long Haul

Written on December 20, 2019

Good managers understand the importance of meeting the expectations of their employees and finding out ways to be supportive of personal and professional goals.      This is especially important in the world of software development due to the field’s acutely technical nature and the many complexities that go into a project. These elements make finding the […]


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Programming Technologies That May Emerge in 2020

Written on December 13, 2019

It can be easy to get lost in the weeds of the programming world amid a bevy of emerging technologies and a wide range of specialized coding languages.      For many projects, the specific coding stack is going to be the most critical aspect that will determine how smoothly your project will go.      In the modern […]


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Career Spotlight: A.I. is More Than Data Science

Written on December 6, 2019

It’s easy to conflate artificial intelligence (A.I.) with data. Robust growth with companies like Amazon, Apple, and many cloud-computing entities make it seem like systems that gather and process data are the hot new destination for savvy people in the tech world.      But don’t be fooled. Even though jobs in the A.I. field has grown rapidly, the […]


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Ace Your Next Phone Interview By Doing This

Written on November 29, 2019

Phone interviews can be a tricky part of the hiring process. Picking up the phone cold and speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager can be stressful, especially if you’re not too sure what the person on the other side of the phone is looking for. Don’t get intimidated with the phone interview. Instead, keep […]


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90% Of Gen-Z Employees Thrive When The Boss Does This

Written on November 21, 2019

As Gen Z continues to make its way into the workforce, managers and leadership strive to figure out how to best encourage these types of employees. Many in the Gen Z generation strive for a balanced perspective on work and life. They’re looking for more than just a paycheck and great benefits – and often […]


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Steps You Can Take To Manage Scope Creep

Written on November 15, 2019

It’s a story that can happen in any company. A project is assigned to a group to knock out in a few months. As the weeks go by, new requirements and details are added on without making adjustments to the budget or schedule. Then as more changes are made, the original team members find themselves […]


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Morton Supports Non-Profit Through Resume Crafting Workshop

Written on November 12, 2019

At Morton, we’re always happy when we can give back to the community and share some of our knowledge. In a meetup group called ‘Refactoring Tech’ on October 19th, a few team members carried out a resume workshop in support of a non-profit organization. Our goal was simple To show the power of a well-crafted […]


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Keeping Your Skills Sharp to Land the Best Offers

Written on October 31, 2019

It’s a competitive working world out there – especially if you’re in the technology field. As innovations and developments appear, tech workers and developers know they need to keep their skills sharp to remain attractive to companies.   But many wonder how to hone and refine their skills. Some turn to traditional education or a bootcamp, but there’s a wide variety […]


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Benefits of Contract IT Assignments

Written on October 29, 2019

The state of the workforce is changing. One of the most significant shifts in the modern era is the transition by many to temporary or contract assignments.    According to the American Staffing Association, more than 3 million temporary (temp) employees work for staffing companies each week, while these same companies usually hire 15+ million contractors per year.   Many […]


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Closing the Deal on Project Managers; How to Resonate and Bring Them to Your Team

Written on October 25, 2019

Looking to take your business to the next level? It’s probably time to hire a project manager. Good project managers bring a wealth of technical knowledge and refined people skills in order to bring projects from initial idea to final closeout.   Every company wants a project manager that’s a high performer and all–in on company culture. But how can […]


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